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The Secret Window...

This blog serves as a window to my interest in crafts. A look into a hobby I have that few actually know about. But first a little bit about the basics.

I'm married to a wonderful guy who puts up with me & my crazy antics.  I have 1 son & a spoiled havamalt pup by the name of Toby.  I call him my 'eldest son' since he's taken care of as if he were a 2 year old little boy--and spoiled at that!  Both my little boys are the rays of sunshine in my life. I'm a Sr. level Quality Assurance Analyst & have 12+ years experience in this field.  I'm basically trained to seek out & destroy!  Software defects that is!  I spend my entire day trying to break software.

I enjoy scrapbooking, rubber stamping, card making, wreath making--I pretty much enjoy anything that involves creativity. These crafts are a form of art and my only venue for expressing my artistic side. My life literally revolves around the world of technology. Funny isn’t it? One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Art is what I would be doing had I made different choices during my college years. As a kid I longed to one day work at the MGM studios for someone like Disney or Pixar as a computer animator.  As a teenager I wanted to maybe work in some major marketing firm as a graphic designer one day. At that point in time, I didn’t even know what a Quality Analyst was or did?! I decided however, to follow the road of technology and this is where I am today. But that’s how life is—it’s full of unexpected twists and turns and you never really know where you’re going to end up.

This blog is dedicated to a variety of crafts with a concentration in scrapbooking.  Some are gifts that I’ve given friends, others are pieces that I’ve done for myself. I’m a firm believer in documenting life events. When you think about it, we are each an instance in time. I’m constantly amazed at how fast time flies and even though I still have several chapters of my life to live—there are already several chapters that I’ve been through and I don’t wish to forget.

I hope you enjoy this ‘secret window’ into the world of my love for crafts…