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Jan 9, 2011

Happy New Year & Etsy Updates!

Happy 2011 fellow scrappers & bloggers! I thought I'd start my 2011 posts with this wonderful picture. This is my little Toby ringing in the New Year! Hmmmm, I'll have to cut down his beer intake a bit I think. :-)
My whole family pretty much rec'd the New Year like this. Although it wasn't the alcohol--we were all simply tired! So on midnight we were all in our PJ's watching the ball drop in NYC. Except for Toby who was wiped out since it was way past his bed time. This is him sleeping at the foot of our bed. How he can sleep like that is beyond me--but he does & dreams & everything while he's doing it!
I figured I'd take the time to greet everybody in the New Year & to show just a few of the newest items added to my small Etsy shop. I rarely take the time to actually post about my shop. But lately I've been adding a variety of new things so I figured I'd take the time to display some of them.

First up are these beaded flower stick pins. I've been experimenting with beaded flowers & so far I have beaded flower vines & I've recently started to add stick pins with beaded flowers attached to them.

These stick pins measure 5" inches in length & come with 2 beaded flowers. I use Delica Japanese beads that are very consistent in shape, size & color. I'm very pleased with these beads. The flowers are about 1 1/4" inches in diameter & are attached to the stick pin with wire.

I've added a touch of baby's breath also known as gyp behind each flower.

I just started adding these to my shop & have many more colors that will be added in the near future. So keep an eye out for them! I also plan on having 3" inch stick pins with one beaded flower for those that like the smaller pins.

Corner floral vines are not a new concept in my shop. These have been in out of my shop since July of 2010. However, I've slightly re-designed them. I'm starting to combine different types of flowers & am adding touches of glitter to the leaves & flowers. I'm also combining different colors for different looks.

These are my two-sided beaded flower vines. They measure between 7 1/2" to 8" inches in length. They can be gently bent to your liking & can be added just about anywhere on your pages or projects.

Just like the stick pins I've been slowly adding a variety of colors to my shop & plan on adding more. All the leaves & flowers (except for the two center beaded ones) are made out of mulberry paper. The leaves are dipped in Diamond Dust. These look very nice & sparkly in person.

Finally here are just a few of the many new butterflies I've added to my shop. Just about all of these butterflies are based on existing ones. It's amazing to see just how many colors & designs of butterflies there are around the world! I've researched many of them & have learned much about them. If I learn particular things about them I actually add this 'tid-bit' of knowledge to the listings in my shop. So you get a butterfly lesson while you shop!

These are 'A Touch of Teal'...a predominantly black butterfly with teal accents in thier bottom wings.

'Mint Delight'...a black butterfly with mint green accents on all it's wings.

The 'Peacock Blue' butterfly--a butterfly in a rich blue color.
This is part of the new glass butterflies that I've added. This is the G4.

These are the 'Peppermint Twist' butterflies. I can be very original with naming my butterflies or I can be downright corny. To be honest I name them based on the first thought that comes to my mind when I look at them. It can be an object, a place or even a song. For this one a candy cane popped in my head...& that's how the 'Peppermint Twist' came about.

I'll be adding many more designs in the near future.

Vines are also not a new concept in my shop. They've also been in & out of my shop continuously. These are new to my shop--just like the corner vines, I've re-designed them a bit & have added a variety of flower combinations & accents.
These are a bit smaller than the other vines in my shop measuring about 6 1/2" inches in length. They can be gently bent to your liking & add a nice touch to any project.

These vines aren't even in my shop yet! I'll be adding them either by tonight or by tomorrow. But they'll be there, I promise. Like everything else they'll be made in a variety of colors!
That's it for now. I plan on wrapping this post & sitting down to scrap for a bit. Something I haven't been able to do in a while.
I hope everybody is having a fabulous start to the New Year!
Till my next post...


Stephanie said...

WOW WOW WOW...your vines and butterflies are absolutely stunning!!! I'm going to have to get over to your shop and get some of those butterflies! Your work is so detailed and beautiful!!! Fantastic items!

Natasha said...

Love Toby! He is so precious! Your new vines, pins and butterflies are amazing. Your creativity is incredible and I can't wait to see even more new creations!
I am not worthy!