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Sep 28, 2012

Booklet Journaling Tutorial

During the month of September, the OUAS DT joined forces with CSI.  What a great combo this turned out to be!  I rec'd case #39 to work on.  Amongst the testimony for this case was the option to include your journaling in the form of a booklet.  Till this case came along, I had never considered storing my journaling in some kind of mini booklet--so I started coming up with an idea on how I can accomplish this--and this is what I came up with.  You can find this booklet on my 'She Gave Me Wings' page.

I really liked this form of documenting journaling on a page because you can store a large amount of information--keep it private & the booklet makes for a very unique & creative embellishment on your page.

Let's get started!
Step 1: You can technically make your little booklet any size.  Just keep in mind to make the cover 1/4" larger than the size of your actual journaling paper.  The cover for my book ended up being 2 1/4" wide by 3 1/4" high.  Next you'll need a long strip of card stock that will store your journaling.  I cut my strip from some left over scraps.  Size is 2" inches high by 12" inches long.  Last you need either ribbon, twine or jute that will keep your booklet closed.  I used ribbon.  Your ribbon should be approximately 12" inches to 14" inches long.  This again depends on the size of your booklet.  If you make your booklet bigger--then you'll need longer ribbon.  In the photo my ribbon looks relatively small.  That's because at the time it was!  I had a different idea in mind...but when that didn't work out as planned...I changed my approach and used one long strand of ribbon.

You can ink the edges of your cover if you wish.
Step 2: I printed my journaling on regular white printing paper.  I used Word as my application.  I changed the setup of my page to be landscape and changed my margins in word to be 10" inches wide & a little under 2" inches in height.  I then printed out my journaling.

Next, trim your journaling to size & adhere onto your 2"x12" strip of card stock.

Final step is to score your strip.  I scored at every 2" inches & folded it in an accordion style.  Your journaling should look something like this photo when done.

You can ink the edges of your journaling strip if you wish.
Step 3: Adhere your journaling strip to your covers.  The covers are 1/4" inch larger than your journaling strip--so when adhering ensure all your edges are aligned right.
Step 4: At this point you're pretty much done.  Here's my journaling strip attached to both covers.

Next just fold in your booklet and attach the ribbon that will keep it closed
Step 5: Just make sure your ribbon is even on both sides and adhere it to the back of your booklet leaving the two ends free for you to tie into a ribbon.

You're done...simple as that.  Now adhere the back of your booklet wherever you please on your project.  To open up your booklet--untie the ribbon & unfold.

Hope some of you find this tutorial helpful.  Enjoy the rest of the day!

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