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Feb 14, 2013

Berry71Bleu Love Blog Hop!!

Welcome to the Berry71Bleu Love Blog Hop!!
Happy Valentines Day!  If you have arrived here from Debbie's blog then you're right on target.  If not, please make your way to Debbie's blog & then come on right back here.  
Here's the blog hop order:

Kay---> you are here

Today is a day dedicated to love . . . not just the love for that special someone in your life but all kinds of love.  Love for your family, friends, pets & yes even the love you have for where you live!  Here at Berry71Bleu we decided to share a bit about ourselves consisting primarily of where we each live & why we love to call it 'home'.This should be interesting since we have ladies from the USA, Poland, India and Puerto Rico.

So let's begin...I live in Northern New Jersey just 20 minutes away from New York City--the city that never sleeps!  Having this amazing city so very close by but not being right in the center of it is just one of the main reasons that makes New Jersey my kind of place to live!  We also have a good number of near by beaches towards the South of Jersey.  Many of them were hit hard by hurricane Sandy--but they have since been re-building & it looks like the Jersey Shore will end up better than ever.  For those that like to gamble there's Atlantic City about 3 hours away or if you want just a simple quiet getaway there's Cape May at the very bottom of New Jersey filled with historic bed & breakfasts & Victorian architecture.   
For this post I will concentrate on New York--my absolute favorite place & what I love the most!
The views!  I have to say that New York has some amazing views--both within the city and from afar.  This photo was taken from the top of the Empire State Building.  That would be the Chrysler Building & just a few of the many, many skyscrapers & buildings that make up NYC.
It almost looks like a puzzle doesn't it?  Or a miniature toy city where you can move the skyscrapers around with your hands!  Yep, that's how tiny the buildings look from the top of the Empire.  I've been to the Empire at all times of the day--morning, late afternoon & of course at night.  At all times of the day, the views are magnificent.  I can sit at the top of the Empire for hours & hours...
One of my absolute fave times of years to visit New York is Christmas...oh I love it!  Here is Rockefeller Center with the infamous Rockefeller Tree in the background.  As you can see, lights are everywhere at this time of the year.
My view from New Jersey.  This is one of the most famous spots from NJ to see this wonderful city from the outside.  This view is constantly visited and is even more spectacular at night.  This is of course the Empire & I even caught one of the many ferries that travel between NY & NJ in this photo.  Just another way to get into the city besides a bus or train.
Radio City Music Hall during Christmas.  If you're just not feeling the holiday spirit--hop on the nearest train & head into the city.  New York will put you into the Christmas spirit in no time.
Times Square at it's finest!  I took this from the 5th floor of an IMAX movie theater when I went to see the final Harry Potter movie.  (Yes folks--I'm a total Potterhead!)  Times Square is always hustling & bustling with so many things happening at the same time.  Sometimes I just like to stand in the very middle and just take it all in.
People, people, people & yes, more people.  Times Square can get very, very packed.
This post wouldn't be complete without Lady Liberty.  She's magnificent & means so very much to us.  I've had the privilege to climb all the way up to her crown.  Some 300+ steps via a very cramped spiral staircase--but worth every step.
Of course Times Square isn't complete without it's many Broadway shows.  Here's the Lion King theater.  We went in April of 2010 & thoroughly enjoyed it.
My husband!  LOL...this is what he usually looks like when I drag him into NYC.  Unlike me, he's a country boy & prefers quiet farms & lots of trees instead of this concrete jungle.

He tends to look like a tourist when he goes into NY...a bit lost & amazed--the back pack doesn't help!  :-)

Let's hear it for the city that never sleeps!  I enjoyed sharing a little bit of what I call 'my infamous backyard' & to show my favorite thing about living in New Jersey.

Now for the prizes & the rules...

We have a fabulous prize for one lucky person who completes all of the rules of the blog hop,  a 7 Dots Studio collection, Domestic Goddess:

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My word is: LIFE  

Your next stop is Marilyn's blog!  Enjoy the rest of the hop & best of luck to you all...


Ginger said...

I live in Virginia! I have always wanted to visit New York City but it seems intimidating! I would love to see it a Christmas time! You are lucky that you live near there and enjoy it so much!

Pia said...

love blog hop. Beautiful pictures
hugs Pia

Debbie Bakk said...

Kay- You are lucky to live so close to New York- a place I have never been too- but would really enjoy having a vacation there to check out all the sights. I am now a follower- Have a Happy Valentines Day!

Buffy Esser said...

Oh My gosh I love New york, when I was younger we would hop the train into the city, I used to live in Ct.. so it was a short trip! I really miss it...I enjoyed your pictures thank you for sharing them!

megha said...

wow good pics .....I wish when I will see america live ,i don't know?thanks for making know more about wonderful city.nice hoping.

megha said...

yup again here to say , i am your new follower.nice hoping and meeting you.

Else-Marie Post said...

Beautiful photo's! Thanks for showing us!:) I am now a follower. ~Else-Marie~

MARILYN said...

I Love visit New York!! Thanks for the trip!!!! These photos bring me lovely memories! Take care! xo

Beatrice Lawson said...

I love NYC!! Can't wait for my next visit now that my son is old enough to appreciate it.

Elisabeth Sarkis said...

Beautiful photos, I am enjoying seeing the beautiful places they chose to show us a different cultural blog hope!

Norma Gomez said...

New York is definitely on our short list of places to visit for all of the wonderful museums! I'm happy to be a new follower :D

Sandie Edwards said...

Hi Kay, lovely to meet you through the Berry 71Bleu Blog Hop.... and what fantastic photographs and information you shared. New York looks like an amazing city, and a place where one could easily get lost. When I hear New York, I always think of Sex and the City LOL
I giggled over the photograph of your husband with the backpack looking like a tourist - if it were me, I'd be in the backpack, freaking out about all the people!!

Kathleen White said...

You are so lucky to live there! I just love NYC! Your pics take me back to a very happy vaca I shared with my sister.

Caryn S said...

I have relatives in New Jersey who love to take my family to New York when we visit. I love Ellis Island, the Statue, etc. I'm even fascinated by some of the buildings there. But I think I am probably like your DH, I find the city to be really overwhelming. It is a place I would recommend everyone see at least once in their lives though!

Lizzy Hill said...

Just joined your blog - & Man! What a fabbo place to live! I can understand your DH, tho, being raised in the country myself...great pics - really shows off NYC at its best:):):)

Nicole Doiron said...

wow! Looks so different from the small town where i live in Atlantic Canada, but oh, the possibilities! I would really love to visit someday!

Amy Voorthuis said...

Such great pictures from a GORGEOUS city would love to come visit once! Love the picture of your hubby he looks so bedazzled it would be a lot like me "I Think" when I would visit New York. I live near Amsterdam (the city in holland that never sleeps)... Thank you so much for showing us around where you live! hugs Amy :)


I visited NY in 1998 and I relived my trip looking at your awesome pictures :) Times Square, Broadway show, drive thro' Manhattan, ferry to Ellis aunt even dragged me to Jackson Heights (Little India) to stock up on spices...LOL!

Amy Voorthuis said...

I thought I already comment on your amazing blog oh well maybe I did....Love NY would love to come visit once hugs Amy