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Jan 22, 2013

Live Laugh Love Layout

Hello again fellow scrappers!  Today I bring you my very first DT page for Berry71Bleu.

The Berry71Bleu challenge for January is to scrap yourself--the owner of Berry71Bleu--Marivic--described the challenge as scrapping the 'queen' within us.    Scrapping ourselves can be a bit intimidating for many scrappers--I've done several challenges in the past where the subject was ourselves & I'm constantly hearing how this seems to be a tough one for us.  As scrappers, we will consistently document those around us--but we will hardly ever take the time to scrap ourselves.

However, I'm one of those few that actually very much enjoys scrapping myself.  I feel that the most wonderful gift, memory & legacy that we can leave our loved ones behind or pass onto them is ourselves.  Who we are, what we represent.  Our likes & dislikes, our guilty pleasures.  What makes us happy--what makes us sad.  What are our beliefs?  What mottos do we live by?  What defines us?

This layout is me on paper.  I carefully hand picked embellishments that represent me in some shape or form.  The papers I used which is the "Frosted" collection by 13 Arts & who are also sponsoring the winner for this challenge--worked perfectly with my approach.
My background was made with the use of one of Clear Scraps newest releases called Mascils.  It's a mask & stencil all in one.  For this layout, I've used the 12" Numbers Mascil.  All I did was place the mascil against my paper & spritzed a bit of Granite Glimmer Mist & voila!  Instant shimmery background...

I randomly placed words onto my page that define me.  Here you'll see 'imagine' & 'spirit'.

I love butterflies & therefore included them on my page.  Those who know a little about me are aware that butterflies are my fave of embellishments.  They represent change--the start of something new.  They are also so very beautiful & graceful.

The cameo seen here was included because I consider myself an 'old soul'.  I enjoy classic black & white movies...give me a good Humphrey Bogart or Bette Davis movie & I'm good.  When it comes to music--my passion is jazz & swing...we're talking Glenn Miller, Billie Holiday, Etta James etc...sure I enjoy music from today as well--but late at night while scrapping, nothing puts me more at ease than listening to Billie Holiday sing about her latest heart break...
The light bulb speaks for itself.  'CREATE'!  Create indeed!! How I love to create...anything involving art is so very much me!  Not only do I love to create myself--but I also enjoy seeing works of art by others.  Once in a while I'll hop on a train & take a ride into NYC simply because I want to spend the day strolling through the Metropolitan museum.  To me, that's a great way to spend the day.
This tag is just one of many by Berry71Bleu.  They are made with much TLC by Marivic herself.  She made this one with the concept of the 'queen' within us all.  As little girls we are all princesses right?  Well those princesses grow up to be queens!  As women we are someone's daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, mom or grandmother.  We are unique in our own way & touch the lives of those around us simply by being us.

You can find more of Marivic's lovely tags in her Etsy shop here.
Flowers!  What woman doesn't love flowers eh?  Well, I'm no exception...I love them & include them in just about all my work.  I also love the real thing & have a garden full of different flowers that I enjoy tending to--not to mention all the plants that I have inside my home--my home is my little jungle full of plants!  :-)

These bold flowers are actually stamps.  These are the 'Organic Fabric Flourish' stamps by Inkadinkado.  I stamped the images onto a transparency with black Staz On--cut the images out & then adhered them onto my page with clear dry adhesive.  Stamping images onto a transparency ensures that you can place your images anywhere on your page.
Birds is another pleasure of mine.   But I especially love & admire the wise owl.  Therefore, I have him perched right next to me.

The pen nib is there because I love to write.  I started writing short stories when I was in high school simply because I just felt like writing!  I got ideas in my head & put them to paper.  I still tend to write now-a-days although not as much as I'd like since I hardly ever find the time.  But I do enjoy it...

This tag that is part of the 13 Arts "Frosted" collection begged to be included on this page.  It's exactly what I believe in.  Life is indeed so very beautiful--look around, take it in--live, love & just be happy!

I included the 'smile' because those that are close to me know that I'm just a big goofy clown that consistently loves to laugh & is always looking to make others laugh as well.  Laughter is the cure for many things...hey--according to some doctors, laughing even helps you lose weight!  lol  I think we burn about 3 calories with every good hearty laugh.  So laugh it up guys!!

Thanks for visiting!  Do take the time to stop by the Berry71Bleu blog & participate in this month's challenge.  Document something about yourself that you'd enjoy passing down to your loved ones--they'll appreciate it more than you'll ever know...


Alyce said...

woooow!!!! i don't know where to look kay this is incredible! so many beautiful all of it - truly truly stunning :)

Cindy Gay said...

You're a beautiful "old soul" Kay. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Marivic Clifton said...

Absolutely beautiful Kay! Thank you! Hugs!

Denise Price said...

Wow--I wish I lived close enough to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to go there whenever I felt like it. You're lucky.

I love how you used the mascil to add interest to your background. And I love the word mascil--one of those goofy portmanteau words. :)