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Aug 17, 2010

Outlaw Layout

Hello again fellow bloggers & scrappers! I bring you today my latest layout titled 'Outlaw'. This is a completely 'rugged' masculine layout that I'm actually very proud of!

This is my husband decked out as a cowboy. We did this photo shoot a few years ago where we both dressed up as old western figures. In this picture he's giving us his 'mean' look. That's about as mean as he gets folks! :-) I found this picture while rearranging my photos & felt compelled to scrap it. When I showed it to my husband he was pleased. He said the layout was very 'manly'--just like him. You just gotta love him!

This layout is 99% Tim Holtz. Everything from the paper to all the embellishments is by him. Only the cardboard that's in the background & the stamps which are by Graphic 45 are not by him. I used lots of techniques here--misting, inking, distressing & a technique I called 'burnt edges' where I made the edges of my layout & photo mats look burnt. I have a brief tutorial on this technique found here. I'm sure someone out there has done this already--but the tutorial simply shows how I went about doing it. I was very pleased with the results. I also used several tips & tricks from the man himself throughout the layout.

Here's a closeup of some of the stamping I did & the cardboard. The cardboard I misted in Suede Glimmer Mist & Olive Green Smooch. I pretty much drowned the cardboard in both of these mists & then let it air dry.

I used the clock mask by Tim Holtz to mask the big clock & randomly spread some Th gears & cogs around the clock & behind the photo mats.

The flourish is grungeboard. I first embossed it with Vintage Photo Distress Embossing powder. Then with my fingers I removed a little bit of the embossing powder to reveal the grunge board below. Next I inked it with Vintage Photo distress ink. Finally I spread some Rock Stickles crackle paint on it & this was the end result. In person, it looks as if it's rusted. This technique I got from reading Tim Holtz's blog. It's also in his last book 'A Compendium of Curiosities'.

I used four TH hitch fasteners & a TH ball chain to go around the border of my picture. I just wrapped the ball chain around the fasteners & secured with a connector. I hung the two tokens from a TH Swivel Clasp that is also hanging from one of the fasteners.

The rest of the embellies are also little items from TH. The Bingo card & the calendar I got from TH's Lost & Found Paper Stash.

The title is housed in a TH ornate plate. Talk about over-dosing on TH products?!

The title itself I printed from my computer. I then put some Glossy Accents ontop of the title & let it dry. This gives it a dimensional raised enamel effect.

Well that's it for today...thanks for stopping by & as always comments are very much appreciated!

Till my next post...

Burnt Edges Tutorial

Here I am with the burnt edges tutorial as seen in my layout 'Outlaw'. As already mentioned...this technique has most likely been used before--I'm simply showing how I went about getting this burnt look.

Prepare to get messy with this one. It's all about using your fingers with ink, glimmer mist & water.

Here are your basic supplies. Paper, dark brown glimmer mist. I used Suede Glimmer Mist. Dark brown ink. I'm using chalk ink in a Dark Brown color. I use chalk ink because this ink smears a little with water. You can also use a Walnut Stain Distress ink for this since Distress inks also react well to water. A mini mister or any kind of spray bottle & a Tim Holtz distresser. If you do not have this little gadget, running the edge of a sharp pair of scissors along the border of the paper works good too. Heat gun (not pictured).

First step is to distress the edges of the paper with your distressing tool or scissors. Here I've already done that. As you can see in certain areas I went in a little deeper with the distressing. Do not be afraid to slightly tear the edges while distressing...this adds to the effect!

Here's a closeup of an area where I went in a little deeper with my distress tool.

Next you ink the edges. Just loosely go all around the edges inking as you would any other edge. This is just to give the edges a darker look.

Take your mini mister or spray bottle & lightly spray some water along the edges of your inked distressed edges. How much water you use depends on your paper. Thinner paper will need just one spritz of water while thicker paper may need more. The idea here is to soften the paper so that you can roll, wrinkle & tear it.

Once the edges are moist use your fingers to roll, tear & wrinkle the edges. The paper will be soft so that you can shape the edges any way you want.

Here's a closeup of a corner after I finished shaping it. As you can see in some places I tore into the paper, in others I just wrinkled it & in other areas I just rolled it. Do not be consistent in your technique...use all three techniques & spread them around all edges of your paper.

This is where we get messy! Take your glimmer mist & spray it on your work area. I use a Craft Sheet by Ranger for working. This way I can just wipe the sheet clean when done. Make sure you have a place to do this kind of inking so you don't ruin any table tops or desks! Glimmer mist does stain...

Take your paper & ink the edges into the glimmer mist. Ink it by swirling the edges of the paper around the mist, dabbing the edges into it & by even using your fingers to take some glimmer mist & spreading it on the edges. Just have fun with this part! Get messy & ink those edges! If you run out of glimmer mist...just spray some more! Now, if you're working with thin paper, make sure to ink the edges don't want your paper to start completely falling apart. As you ink your paper, keep using your fingers to wrinkle, tear & roll the edges even more!

Here's what your paper should look like after playing around in that glimmer mist. Notice how in some areas I inked more than in others. This is fine. Remember you're trying to create a burnt piece of paper. Fire tends to burn in all directions & hardly ever in an even way. So the more uneven you are the better!

Next step is to dry your paper. Take your heat gun & start drying the edges. You'll notice that as you dry, your edges will start to curl. This is good...this is what we want! The closer you are with the heat gun to the paper the more the paper will curl. But be careful! Don't burn yourself or literally burn the paper! We're going for fake fire here...not real! So take caution. If you want to wrinkle a certain edge more. Just turn off your heat gun, wrinkle it with your fingers & keep'll see how the edges dry wrinkled.

Here you go! One really burnt piece of paper that you can now use on your project.

A closeup of a burnt corner.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial & that it'll be useful to some of you.

Till my next post...