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**All tutorials & the majority of the posts from this blog have been moved over to my new blog**

Sep 4, 2013

Introducing Embrace Serendipity

Hello once again fellow crafters!  For those of you who may not know--I've been missing in action for the past 2-3 months.  We recently moved to a new home & I honestly didn't realize how much this move would turn my world upside down.  We're now in a much bigger house where I even have a designated craft room.  Something I've dreamed of for a very long time.  However, settling in & getting back into some kind of a routine has taken a very long time.  At least longer than I had anticipated.  Many who have bought & sold homes in the past have told me that it's very normal to be completely overwhelmed when settling into a new home.  So I don't feel too bad that it's taken me this long to get back into the swing of things.

With this said--a couple of things will be happening in the next few weeks.  For one, I'll be re-opening my Etsy shop.  I definitely hope to have this back up by the end of September.  Second, I have a brand new blog.  A big thank you to the fabulous & very talented Emma Stafrace who designed the blog for me.  I had a vision & she made this vision a reality!  I'm so very excited to introduce Embrace Serendipity.  Therefore, this post will be the last one on this blog.  Please do feel free to continue following me via my new blog.

My new blow is a work in progress--I've transferred most of my tutorials over & will start to upload formal posts very soon.  I have a few old projects to share & many new ones coming up!

I hope to see many of you over at my new blog.  As always, I big thank you to all of those who stop by for a visit!