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Feb 21, 2010

Shaker Box Tutorial

Ok, here's that second tutorial I mentioned in a previous post. Once again, I'm doing this my way. I'm sure there are many more other tutorials out there on shaker boxes--this will simply add to that list! This is very similar to the way I made the giant shaker box that I used to frame my picture in the 'My 2 Loves' layout. However, in the 'My 2 Loves' layout I used a transparency for the background of the shaker box as well as for the cover. I needed both the front & back of the shaker box to be transparent so that the picture would show through. In this tutorial, I use a solid background.

So let's get started! Here's a basic list of supplies. Paper of your choice, two-sided sticky tape, scissors, craft knife, 2-sided sticky foam (I have foam strips that I cut into the desired pieces), beads, buttons or sequins or anything else to throw into your shaker box. You can't really see it in the picture but I do have a transparency. If you don't have a transparency, clear report covers & acetate work too. The rubber stamp is optional, I'll be using a rubber stamp to decorate the background of the shaker box. I'll also improvise as I go--so if you see me using a supply that wasn't on my original list, you'll know why! I'm also using a heart template for the shaker box. Most shaker boxes tend to be square or rectangle--however, I'm going with a different shape--a heart--so it always helps to have a template as a guide when making a shaker box that is not a square or rectangle.

Let's start with the top cover of the shaker box. I flipped my plaid cardstock over and traced the heart template on it. I traced bothe the inside & outside of the heart template. I then used my scissors to cut the heart out.

With my craft knife I then cut the inside of the heart out. When done I ended up with a heart frame. The heart itself I will keep for a future project.

I put my heart frame aside & took my heart template again & this time traced it onto my transparency. For this step you only need to trace the outside of the heart. I then cut the heart out with my scissors.

Here I improvised a little. I decided to ink the edges of my heart template to define the edges more. So I inked it with brown chalk ink.

I flipped my heart frame over & then cut strips of two sided stick tape & stuck them all around the edge of the heart frame. I then removed the labels from my sticky tape & carefully adhered the heart transparency onto my heart frame.

You can't really see it here--but I've adhered the clear heart to the heart frame & now we have the cover to the shaker box complete!

I put the shaker box cover aside & grabbed my heart template again. I traced the heart onto the cardstock that I'm going to use for the background of my shaker box. I then randomly stamped my sentiment all over with yellow, brown & blue ink.

I then cut out my background.

I took the front cover & turned it around. I started adhering the 2-sided foam tape all around the back edges of the front cover. As you can see from this screen shot--you need to make sure that each foam strip completely touches the next foam strip. You want to make sure that there are no gaps in between the strips. Any gaps may cause whatever you put inside the shaker box to come out. I use tiny beads a lot in my shaker boxes so I need to make extra sure that there are no gaps.

Here's a screen shot after adhering the 2-sided foam tape all around the heart frame. Mine didn't come out very neat because I'm using a template with lots of curves. However, if making a straight forward square or rectangle shaker box you usually end up with a very neat border. Either way, in the end it won't matter since you'll be adhering the back cover to the front cover & in turn hiding any uneven foam tape.

Next step is to remove the backing of the 2-sided foam tape & adhere your background. I remove the backing from the foam tape all around except for one corner. This corner is where I'll be pouring in my beads, buttons, sequins or whatever it is that I'll be using inside my shaker box.

Here's a shot of what the shaker box looks like so far. Next it's time to pour into the shaker box the items that will give this box it's name! I'll be using buttons & tiny beads for mine.

Here's a look as to what the border of the shaker box looks like. As you can see, the foam tape created a sort of 'wall' that will keep whatever you put inside your shaker box from falling out.

Go to the corner that you left unadhered & start pouring in your beads, buttons etc...

Remove the backing from the remaining foam strips & completely seal your shaker box--and you're done!

Here's the shaker box living up to it's name--I just shook it & had all the beads inside go everywhere!

Hope you all found this tutorial useful & that you start incorporating shaker boxes to your layouts.

Till my next post...