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Aug 24, 2011

Priceless Layout

Today's page is one based on my wedding. This is one of my favorite pictures from that special day. The angle the picture was taken was just right in my opinion--it's just one of those photos that always makes me smile.

This is a layout I've done for Stamp Enjoy. I primarily used papers from Kaisercraft's Chapter One collection. I did some stitching, stamping, misting, lacing & distressing on this page. I used Martha Stewart's Wildflowers punch for the border in the upper part of my page.

A closeup of the chipboard border I used for the lacing. This chippie is by Dusty Attic. I first painted the chippie with black acrylic paint. Once dry I inked it with embossing powder & heat embossed it with Kaleidoscope Transparent embossing powder by Stampendous. I found this particular embossing powder at my local Michaels. I absolutely love the effect this particular embossing powder gives as shown in this photo! In person, it adds a wonderful touch to the page.

A closeup of the double lacing. I have a brief tutorial on this lacing found in my blog. If interested, you can find the tutorial for this double lacing here.

A closeup of the stamping. This stamp is by Stamp Enjoy & is called Balisier. I stamped it by using three different shades of inks. The black was primarily to give the flower a 'shadow' effect.

A closeup of the flowers & stick pin. I made the stick pin myself. It was my very first stick pin & I'm really happy how it came out!

This is a closeup of the clear butterfly. I currently have this butterfly available in my Etsy shop. If interested, please feel free to visit my small shop. You can also see a bit of my hand stitching in this closeup.

Finally, a closeup of the other Dusty Attic corner chippie I used & of the acrylic flower. The Dusty Attic chippie was first painted with white acrylic paint & then heat embossed with Star Dust embossing powder by Stampendous--also found in my local Michaels.

The acrylic flower I found in an Etsy shop called FrogFeathers.

You can also see that I further decorated the floral design of the punch by adding rhinestones & Stickles in the center of the flowers.

Thanks to all of you who stop by--I very much appreciate the visit!

Double Lacing Tutorial

Hello once again fellow scrappers! Today I'll be showing how I went about doing the double lacing seen in my 'Priceless' page. I call it 'double lacing' because it uses two ribbon strands instead of just one.

Besides ribbon, you can also use twine or even tulle to give it a softer look. I got the lacing bug from my scrap buddy Natasha who religiously uses it on her pages. I've taken her love of lacing & have added my own small twists to it--this is one of them.

Both strands can be the same color or different. I find that having strands in different colors looks better--but the choice is yours. You can also mix & match what you use for the lacing such as one strand of ribbon & one strand of twine.

Let's get started...

Step 1: Put both ribbon strands together & pull both ends through the first holes.

Step 2: Take the ribbon that will be your predominant strand; skip one set of eyelets, cross the ends over each other & insert them into the eyelets as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Take your second ribbon; do not skip any set of eyelets, cross the ends over each other & feed the ends into the eyelets directly below.

Step 4: Take the ends of your predominant ribbon (which should now be behind your page) & feed the ends into the eyelets directly above. In the photo this next step is indicated by the red arrows.

Step 5: At this point you're back at the beginning. Take your predominant strands, skip a set of eyelets cross the ends over each other & insert them into the eyelets as shown.

Step 6: Take your second ribbon (which should still be behind your page at this point) & feed the ends out through the eyelets directly below. In the photo this next step is indicated by the red arrows.

Step 7: Criss cross the ends; do not skip any eyelets & feed the ends into the eyelets directly below.

Step 8: Repeat Step 4.

Step 9: Skip one set of eyelets, cross the ends over each other & insert them into the eyelets as shown in the picture.

Keep going until you're done with your lacing. Oh & one more tip before I forget...try to have an even set of holes to have a complete set of double laces.

This is what the back should look like. Ensure your ribbon is not twisted--try to keep them nice & straight.

Hope this tutorial inspires some of you to try some lacing on your next project...

Aug 2, 2011

Little Guitar Boy ATC Tag

Hello once again fellow scrappers. Today's project is an ATC tag that I made for Stamp Enjoy.
I made the stamp by utilizing the same technique used in the faux metal poinsettia seen in my 'The Christmas Money Shot' layout. You can find the tutorial for this faux metal technique here. The only difference is that there's no acrylic involved for this ATC tag.

A close up of the very cute stamp. This little guy is by Stamp Enjoy & is called Liam Guitare. I colored him in with Prismacolor markers & then further decorated him by adding Crystal Stickles on his hat, shirt & pants. The 'Cool' stamp is also by Stamp Enjoy & was stamped on a transparency & adhered with clear glue dots.

Finally, a close up of some of the embellies I used. The buttons are by Websters Pages & the gold metal flower I bought from an Etsy shop called MyWing588.

Thanks to all of you who stop by! Am attempting to enjoy this very hot summer regardless of the humidity (yuck) and the loads of work my job is piling on me--let's just say that I am looking forward to Fall! :-)

Till my next post...