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Mar 22, 2011

Using Masks for Stamping

Time for a quick stamping tip...if you want to get a collage of stamped images shaped into a particular shape--try paper masks!

This circle collage you can find on my 'Brothers' page.

Here's how I went about creating this circular stamped collage.

With any circle cutter, cut out a circle in the size you need it out of sturdy cardstock as shown here. Keep both the positive & negative cut outs...because you'll be using both.

With the negative piece place it over the area you wish to stamp. Then start stamping. NOTE: Clear stamps work best for these kinds of projects since you can see where you are stamping.

Make sure that wherever you stamp part of the stamp is on your page & part of the stamp is on the mask as show in the picture here. For areas where the stamp goes past the mask--just tuck another piece of scrap paper beneath it in order to protect your project from unwanted stamping.

Make sure you keep your mask in place. If you can't seem to keep your mask in place--just use small pieces of masking tape to help you keep your mask still until you're fully done stamping.

Here's my finished stamped circle collage. As you can see, I combined several stamps into one & even changed up the ink color I used. If you take a look at my mask, you'll see remnants of my stamping.

Finally, to accentuate your circle--take your positive circle cut & place it over your stamped collage. Then either trace around the circle with a colored pen or take your ink tool & start inking around the circle.

For my circle collage I chose to ink around the circle with Spiced Marmalade distress ink.

Us this tip to make stamped collages out of circles, squares, hearts etc...

Hope this helps some of you try out some stamping today on your projects!

Till my next post...

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