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Sep 2, 2010

Curled Frame Tutorial

I've seen several scrappers do layouts where they roll pieces of paper on thier layouts. I recently tried this technique out myself with my 'My Boys' layout.

This tutorial shows how to make the curled frame I used in this layout. As always, I'm sure this has been done before since there are just so many talented scrappers out there. I'm simply showing my take on this curled frame.

Here are the supplies you'll need. A paper cutter--I use the finger cutter by Fiskars. I've had several paper cutters & this has been the best one for me by far. I use my finger to guide the point of the knife so I have really good control of where I'm cutting. Some cardstock or patterned paper. If using patterned paper--it's most likely best if you use double-sided paper so that when you curl the paper it doesn't display in a plain white color. This of course, is all based on preference. If you want it to be white, then that's alright too! A cutting mat. A ruler, pencil & a paintbrush. I use the handle of the paintbrush to curl my paper--but you can use a pencil too. Ok, let's get started!

I did the curled frame on the 'My Boys' layout with a 5"x5" picture. I liked how the frame looked with a square picture--but you can use this technique with any size--however, make sure you calculate the measurements correctly based on the size you choose. For this example I'm going to make the frame for a 5"x5" picture.

Your frame needs to be at least 1" inch larger than your photo. So this frame is 6"x6". Turn your paper to what will be the back of the frame. Measure 1" inch in from the edge of each border & make a mark with your pencil. I used a black marker in my example so that you can see the marks I make. I make my marks by simply drawing a small line. Then connect all your marks by drawing straight across all 4 sides. In other words, you're creating a 4" square inside your 6" square.

Decide which will be the sides of your frame. With your paper cutter cut along the lines you just made on both sides of your frame. You're cutting into the inner square only--so do not cut all the way to the actual edge of the paper.

Here I'm showing how I cut the sides of the inner square.

Next we need to mark the center of the inner frame. We already know that we have a 4" inch inner frame. So you're going to take your ruler & from the top edge of the inner frame measure 2" inches in since that would be the center of your 4" inch frame.
With your pencil make your mark.

Next you're going to draw a line straight across the center of your inner square based off the mark you made in the previous step.

Now for the slits that you will roll to make your curled frame. In order for the slits to be evenly spaced--starting from one of the sides of the inner frame I measured 1/2 an inch in & made my mark. From that first mark I measured another 1/2 an inch & made a second mark. Keep going until you go all the way across to the other side of the inner square. With this particular frame, you'll end up with 8 strips. The screen shot shows where I've placed my marks & drawn my lines.

Next, you take your paper cutter & you cut along the line marking the center of your inner square & then you cut along the lines for each strip. Whatever you not cut into the top or bottom of the inner frame or else your strips will simply come off! My red arrows in this screen shot is showing what I refer to when I say the 'top' & bottom of the inner frame.

This is what your frame should look like after you're done with all your cutting.

The rest is all about the curling. Turn your frame to the front side & start curling each strip. You decide how much you want to curl each strip based on your picture. If there are areas of your picture that are blocked by the frame...simply cut more into the top of the strip in order to make them longer--therefore allowing you to curl them in more.

As for the outer edge of the frame itself that's also up to you. You can distress & then ink the border of the frame like I did in the 'My Boys' layout or you can add ribbon around, stamp around can add pearls or brads around or simply leave it as is. The choice is yours.

Here's a picture of my finished curled frame.

Hope some of you will find this tutorial useful.

Till my next post...


Natasha said...

This is so awesome! I'm going to try this one day. I really love the look of it. You've given me an idea to try something else too! Love how you inspire me LOL! Thanks for sharing!
p.s. You got this done very quickly!


I havn't tried this technique yet so rest assured I'm thankful for your easy step tutorial =)