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Dec 14, 2010

Snowy Tinseled Frame Tutorial

Hello again fellow scrappers! In this tutorial I'll be showing how I went about making the snowy tinseled frame seen in 'The Christmas Money Shot' page.

My goal was to make the effect of an 'icy' snowed in frame. I'm just glad I finally got to use one of those Martha Stewart tinsels that I've had in my stash since about forever!

Here are your basic list of supplies: Two sided tape (I use the Sookwang brand tape that came with my Scor-Pal, it is 1/4" of an inch wide), Diamond Dust, tinsel, brush & snow texture (if you don't have snow texture, white acrylic paint will work as well).
Start by adhering the two sided tape along the border of your picture. Do not flush the tape against the edge--leave a very fine border. This is so that the tinsel will peek out from behind the diamond dust & snow giving the frame a more defined look.

As you can see, I left a very fine border around the entire frame.

Start peeling the paper off the tape & dipping each sticky side into the tinsel. Thoroughly rub each side into the tinsel in order to ensure that the entire sticky tape is covered in tinsel.

Here's the first layer of the frame. Next we apply the Diamond Dust. If you prefer you don't have to proceed further! If you like a simple tinseled border--then you can stop here.

You will re-apply the two-sided sticky tape ontop of the tinsel. This time, the tape will be flush against the edges.

Peel off the paper & start dipping your frame into the Diamond Dust. Just like the tinsel, make sure you completely cover the sticky tape with the Diamond Dust. I used my fingers to 'rub' the Diamond Dust into the sticky tape.

This is what your frame will look like after the second layer is applied. Now for the third layer which is the snow. Once again--if you like the frame this way--then you're done!

A close-up of the snowy-tinsel border. Notice how the tinsel peeks just right from underneath the 'snow'.

With a brush, 'tap' or stipple the snow or the white acrylic paint all along the edge of your frame.

Now you're done! You can apply this technique to any picture, journaling block etc...your only limit is your imagination!

Till my next post...


Stephanie said...

Great the frame around the fun and cheerful!! It adds a wonderful holiday touch!

Natasha said...

Great tut! I love how each element is on a different layer. I have to try this! Don't you love that tinsel stuff? I have the set too and used it for the first time on my last layout! Hmmmm... let me see if I can incorporate this technique on the layout I am working on. TFS!