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Oct 2, 2011

Water Color Paper Flowers Take Two

Good evening fellow scrappers! I'm back from a one week vacation to the Caribbean. I'm rested & ready to get my life back on track--but do I really want to do that!? No, actually I do not...but I don't have a choice. it's back to work tomorrow. Cue very long sigh...but, before I go back I figured I'd post this small tutorial on a second set of flowers I made prior to me leaving for vacation. These are also made out of water color paper. You can see my first water color paper flowers here.

For these flowers I used the Spellbinders Donna Salazar dies titled Rose Creations. I used the second to large flower for the bottom layer, a medium flower & small flower for the other two layers. You can make these flowers in any size you desire. Just remember to use a different size rose per layer. So let's get started!

Step 1: As mentioned in my first Water Paper Flower tutorial--water paper is excellent for absorbing pigment powders such as Perfect Pearls. Therefore you can color your flowers in a variety of shimmers & colors. I used Perfect Pearls in my first tutorial. For this tutorial I used Magicals by Lindy's Stamp Gang. They are similar to Perfect Pearls but I found them to be just a bit more vibrant. I used Cattail Copper & Tibetan Poppy Teal Magicals for this flower. These come together as part of thier Autumn Leaves Magicals pack.

You'll also need a watercolor pen for coloring in your flowers. You can find this pen at your local Michaels or any arts & crafts store.

Step 2: Take your water color pen--squeeze a few drops of water & then dip the wet brush into the Magicals. The powder will simply stick to the tip of your brush. Then simply mix the powder with the water. If you like a vibrant color use less water. If you like a softer color use more water to dilute the powder

Step 3: Color in your flowers with the first color you choose. Once done coloring dry them with your heat gun. The water color paper will simply absorb the water & color as you heat set them

Step 4: Once dry, apply your second color. Just rinse your brush to clean it before applying the second coat of color. Randomly color in your flowers with the second color. You don't want to completely cover the first color. Once done applying the second color--heat dry the flowers again. As you can see in my picture, the Cattail Copper still peeks out from underneath the Teal Magicals

Step 5: For these flowers I decided to add even more shimmer to them. I inked the edges of the petals with embossing ink. I then sprinkled Kaleidoscope Transparent embossing powder by Stampendous & heat embossed the petals. TIP: Ensure your flowers are completely dry prior to doing this step or else the embossing powder will stick to your entire flower instead of just the petal edges

Step 6: This picture shows how the embossing powder is 'sticking' to only the edges of my petals

Step 7: Now to shape the flower. First bend all the petals upward as shown in the photo

Step 8: With a pencil or tip of a thin paint brush curl your petals downward as shown here.

Step 9: Once again with a pencil or flower shaping tool push down into the center of each flower in order to bring the petals up & form a 'cup' shaped flower. This step can be optional--it's only to add more dimension to the flowers. If you decide to do this step make sure you cup the flowers on something soft like a mouse pad or foam piercing pad. I used the 'In Stitchz' piercing foam pad by Bazzill

Step 10: Finally, insert stamens or sprays into the center of the top two layers of your flower & put your flower together. Remember to offset each layer of your flower. If you don't have stamens or sprays you can use anything for the center such as brads, rhinestones, crystals etc...I chose to use stamens. For the bottom layer I used a 3-D glue dot by Zots. This is once again, in order to give my flower more dimension--this part is optional. You can adhere each layer with plain glue if you like

Thanks to all of you who stop by for a visit. Hope you will give water color paper a try for your next flower experiment.


MarĂ­a Castillo said...

Preciosas flores Kay! Ya te sigo en FB!

Unknown said...

Great tutorial, these look FABULOUS!! Love the glitzy look, beautiful!

Sonia said...

Beautiful flowers Kay... Gracias por el tutorial!!