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Oct 12, 2011

Corner Punch Flowers Tutorial

Good evening fellow scrappers! While going through a couple of scrapbooking sites I stumbled upon this link on the Fiskars site. It shows how one can make decorative flowers with Fiskars corner punches. I unfortunately don't have many Fiskars corner punches--I do however have a good amount of Martha Stewart corner punches (sorry Fiskars). So I tried to see if there was a way I could leverage the Fiskars tutorial & apply it for Martha Stewart corner punches & here's the end result.

All you need is a bit of free-form cutting to get the petals just right. I don't have all the Martha Stewart corner punches--but so far I've tried with four different ones & the flowers have come out fine! So I'll let you, the reader, experiment with other Martha Stewart corner punches & if you can, do let me know if this tutorial works for you as well.

These flowers are also great for using up scraps & since two of the squares required are 2" x 2" inches you can also use the squares found in the Tim Holtz paper stacks for these flowers. I've actually cut out a few of these squares--which all happen to be exactly 2" x 2" inches in size--for these flowers.

So let's get started!

Step 1: Here's your basic list of supplies. You'll need Martha Stewart corner punches, a pencil or thin paint brush, scissors, cardstock/paper & dimensional foam adhesive.

You'll need two 2" x 2" inch squares & 1 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" inch square

Step 2: Fold all your squares in half both ways. This is to identify the center of the squares & the folds will also serve as guides when you need to cut your petals out

Step 3: Take your corner punch & punch all 4 corners for all your squares like you would normally punch the corners. When done your squares should look like the picture

Step 4: Hand draw a circle in the center of each square. This is to give each layer a center & also to prevent you from completely cutting your petals off. Take your scissors & cut along the folds all the way down to your hand drawn circle

Step 5: This is what your square should look like once done cutting all four sides

Step 6: This is where your free form cutting comes in. The best way to describe this is to pretend that you're cutting a heart out. You already have the top of the heart & you're simply rounding out the bottom. Keep in mind while cutting that you're NOT cutting the petal completely're basically shaping each petal. So as you cut...remember to stop at your hand drawn circle & leave your petals attached

Step 7: Here's a photo of what your squares should look like after you've cut around your petals. You'll have snippets of paper leftover & that will still be attached to your square

Step 8: Next step is to simply snip off the excess paper

Step 9: When done snipping the excess paper, you should be left with four petals. The center does not have to be perfect--it's going to be covered anyway. Your petals don't have to be perfect either. Once you layer your flower any imperfections will be covered

Step 10: Repeat steps 6 through 9 for the rest of your squares

Step 11: This step is optional. If you want you can ink the edges of your petals in order to add more dimension to your flowers

Step 12: Now to shape your flower. Bend all the petals upward at the base as shown in the photo

Step 13: Take your pencil or thin paint brush & use the handle to curl your petals downward

Step 14: Once done curling your petals--your flowers should look similar to my screen shot

Step 15: Now to assemble your flower. Adhere each layer with a foam dimensional adhesive. This will give your flower more dimension. If you do not want this additional dimension you can omit the foam adhesive & just use regular glue. Remember to off set each flower layer

Step 16: When done assembling your flower it should look something like this. Now for the center. You can use anything really. Brads, rhinestones, pearls, stamens etc. I ended up using small mulberry paper flowers that I have laying around my stash for the centers. You're done!

This flower was created with the Martha Stewart (MS) Optic Dot corner punch.

This flower was created with the MS Deco Fan corner punch.

This one used the MS Eyelet Lace corner punch.

Finally, this flower used the MS Loop corner punch. You can see this flower in action on my 'Year 4' layout.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by for a visit & please, do experiment with various Martha Stewart corner punches & let me know the results! Get creative & try mixing & matching them...I haven't had the chance to do that yet but am curious as to the results.


Mi Fernandes said...

Adorable!!! Thank you for the tip!! :)


Thanks for the tutorial, Kay....your flowers are GORGEOUS!

Chrissy said...

Holy crap. Now I have to go get corner punches! These came out gorgeously! Thanks for the how-to.

Vicky Alberto said...

terrific idea!

Ella said...

Stunning, so kind of you to share!
I'm amazed...

WhiteRacoon said...

So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!


Wow! A must-try indeed =) Thanks for the clear tutorial and will let you know if I was successful or not.

Dara Lynn said...

I have really seen a surge of using the corner punches and great looking flowers hitting the blogs These turned out FANTASTIC!!! Thanks again for taking the time out to post this tutorial and sharing a great technique for all

Suzy said...

Great tutorial, its always good to see another way to make the most of our punches.

Sonia said...

Hi, Hola Kay!!
Que bellas se ven las flores, estupenda idea.. gracias por compartir.

Audrey said...

Saw something similar to this on the Fiskars website, but I like yours much better! Thanks for sharing!

crapette said...

supernes fleurs et tuto genial
bise de france

CraftyJAR said...

Love this! I am definitely gonna try it out!

Melody B said...

Hi Kay, Just discovered your blog :) Your flowers are gorgeous, and I cant wait to try them! Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial ;D ♥

Unknown said...

oh my! you are giving me so many ideas! LOVE!!!!

angelbratscrapper said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I just started collecting Martha Stewart Punches. I adore them and I am so excited on how to find new ways to use them. I can't wait to try this!!

Dr Sonia S V said...

This is awesome. Have pinned it here:Punchart

Unknown said...

Wow that's fantastic, I'm so gonna try that! Now where did I put my corner punches?!